About Care Donations

What exactly is Care Donations?

Care donations is a peer-to-peer donation platform that has been designed in an efficient way to help members donate and receive donations seemlessly. By using this scheme all active members are guaranteed 200% return on investment for each donations made.

How do I create my own caredonations account?

To create a care donations account click the sign up button above and follow the sign up wizard. Note** Please ensure that you are ready to pay your sponsor before signing up.

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

Yes you need to provide your correct bank account details so that your referrals/sponsors are able to pay you easily.

Can i have multiple accounts?

Yes you can. However it is advisable to be on one account and join several packages rather than having to manage multiple accounts

I have donated but my sponsor is yet to approve. What's next?

Do not bother yourself as the system is completely automated. Wait for 24 hours and if you are still not activated a support personal will contact you.

My referral has refused to pay me what happens?

You will be automatically remerged to recieve donation from someone else if your referral has refused to pay you.

Is it available in my state?

So long you are in nigeria you are eligible to sign up and be part of care donations no state barriers